Marriage Problems

Is your marriage struggling? Is a marriage of a loved one hurting? The same God who created marriage has solutions for your marriage problems.

Get help with marriage problems


Are you depressed? Is someone you love depressed? There is healing for you.

Get help with depression


It is devastating to be sexually abused as a child. Time alone will not heal these wounds. If you or someone you love is suffering from sexual abuse, there is hope and help for you.

Molestation. Sexual Abuse


Are you or someone you love trapped in the deceitful, shameful grip of immorality? Immorality is often a symptom of a deeper emotional and spiritual issue.



Are you known as an angry person, or are the people around you being hurt by your angry responses?

Anger hurts everyone


Strait Paths Foundation is a Biblical counseling, teaching and training ministry based in Lancaster, PA. We offer personal and group sessions, with a heart toward discipleship and leadership, that is Biblically founded and Christ centered.

Ministry Vision

To see eyes opened to spiritual realities that exist in our world today, and the realities of eternity: That through understanding these realities Christians would re-gain their inheritance; That in this pursuit of Christ, maturity would occur; That in this maturity, the glory and healing Christ designed His Church to produce would become a way of life.