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   She walked into my office like she owned the world... not cocky, just very confident and self assured. She was young, I thought- too young to be selling TV ads for the top station in the state. Usually advertisers had to work their way up from Yellow Pages thru Newspaper to Radio, etc.  But not her. She was already at the top of her game.      We bought some ads from the station. In the process, there were several encounters with the sales lady. One such encounter happened when my wife was running the sales desk.


 (The following is a bit of autobiography, to encourage hearts, and in an effort to explain to critics why I have arrived at the positions I now take on given issues.)   I was raised in a conservative Mennonite home in Iowa, toward the tail end of 10 children. My dad was a pastor for nearly 18 years before I was born. He was a very progressive ,aggressive, farmer…. Built a large operation, then was convicted of covetousness and turned his heart toward missions. I spent much time in Central America as a result.

I have been pontificating on how so much of life and spiritual realities parallel math. I guess I should not be surprised, seeing Who created both of them, I should expect His character to be written across it all.


Whatever you focus on, you will become.

Therefore, whatever you are running away from, you are certain to run into.

I find it interesting in life to watch what motivates and manipulates folks. One of the things I have found as a constant is how focus…. Real, interior focus…. tends to control outcomes. This is true both in negatives and positives. Take, for example, someone terribly hurt by their father. They will often recoil in hurt and anger, then deep in their heart determine, “ I will NEVER be like my dad.”