Steve and Dorcas Stutzman
Steve & Dorcas Stutzman

Marriage Problems

Is your marriage struggling? Is a marriage of a loved one hurting? The same God who created marriage has solutions for your marriage problems.

Get help with marriage problems


Are you depressed? Is someone you love depressed? There is healing for you.

Get help with depression


It is devastating to be sexually abused as a child. Time alone will not heal these wounds. If you or someone you love is suffering from sexual abuse, there is hope and help for you.

Molestation. Sexual Abuse


Are you or someone you love trapped in the deceitful, shameful grip of immorality? Immorality is often a symptom of a deeper emotional and spiritual issue.



Are you known as an angry person, or are the people around you being hurt by your angry responses?

Anger hurts everyone
Whatever you focus on, you will become. Therefore, whatever you are running away from, you are certain to run into.


Strait Paths Foundation is a ministry dedicated to the changing and setting free of lives shackled by the past. We believe that by bringing an awareness to the realm of the eternal, people can be definitively set free from the past that haunts them, and the “ truth will make them free”. We endeavor to bring hope to those who are hurt-ing, and tools to those who would like to help but feel like they are unqualified. 


Strait Paths is a ministry of counsel and deliverance, based on the Word of God and empowered by His Spirit. We bring teachings of TRUTH and judgement to a wounded and hurting world, presented in the gentleness and love of Christ. While we deal with addictions, depres-sion, behaviours, and struggles of all kinds, we do not focus on the fruit that is obvious, but rather on the root in the life which originally produced the difficulty at hand. 


God originally intended for you and I to live from our heart— and all of us are on a journey to bring that heart into alignment with His plan and purpose. At Strait Paths, we desire to see Christians set free, so that we may present a Gospel of healing to a hurting world around us. To this end, we provide teaching, seminars, training, material and involvement to individuals, com-munities and churches.